Our delivery program from A to Z

Apart from our selection of potatoes and onions, we offer our customers a large selection of fruits and vegetables of all sorts. We handle approximately 1.4 million collis per year. We are a reliable partner and supplier for everything from A as in “apricot” to Z as in “zucchini”. Since 2000, organic vegetables have also been a part of our extensive delivery program.

Gentle storage under optimum conditions ensures maximum availability and freshness of the products we distribute. With our multiple cold storage facilities we are able to ensure that each product is stored at just the right temperature. Our goal is residue-free production of all goods.

All of our suppliers are therefore contractually bound to guarantee this result through controlled and integrated cultivation methods.


Apples Strawberries Corn Plums Sweet potatoes
Apricot Figs Mangold wurzel Radish Tomatoes
Artichokes Fennel Mangos Raphanus Grapes
Batavia Cucumber Marron Rhubarb Cabbage
Pears Carrot Melons Cauliflower Savoy cabbage
Broccoli Potatoes Navets Beetroot Lemon
Beans Cherries Peach Rucola Zucchini
Mushrooms Kiwifruit Novita Satsumas Onions
Chicory Garlic Orange (fruit) Shallot Peas
Clauselinas Brassica Capsicum Apium Leek
Clementine Kohlrabi Parsley Salad  
Dates Cucurbita Spinach Asparagus  



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